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Viewing Dashboards

Dashboards provide a convenient, centralised location to visualise your log data. These visualisations can reveal important trends and anomalies.

Viewing Dashboards

The dashboard icon will display all the dashboards that have been created in your account. When you first register the system creates a Default Dashboard

Creating Dashboard Graphs

Graphs are created from saved queries, if you save a query during the Search Your Logs section of the getting started docs please go back and complete that. Start by navigating to the Default Dashboard in the Dashboard menu.

To add a graph click the New Chart button in the top right of the screen

Now follow the 3 step wizard mode to create the graph.

Edit Visualization – Define Widget

Widget Name: Defines the name that will be displayed on the dashboard

Select a saved query on which to base your graph: allows you to select one of your previously saved queries to create a graph. Select the query where(clicked AND id=btn_live_tail) calculate(COUNT) that you created during the search your logs section.

Edit Visualization – Select Logs

Select the logs from which you want to pull data: This determines the log data that will be included in the graph. Select the Usage_trail under Demoset and click Continue.

Edit Visualization – Select Graph

Select Graph: Depending on the data generated by your saved query applicable graph types will be displayed. There are many potential graph types, for the purpose of this guide select Line Chart. Click Save Changes.

The new chart in your dashboard now plots the number of live tail clicks in your account over time.

Dashboard Management

Dashboards are highly configurable to provide the most effective display of information. Charts can be moved around by dragging them to their desired location. There is also a drop down menu on the top right of every chart that provides a variety of options such as edit, resize and delete. You can see the detailed dashboard documentation here

Import Best Practice Dashboard Graphs

Not sure which graphs to add to your dashboards? Logentries community packs contain pre-defined technology specific dashboard graphs that can be added to your account in seconds.

Next in the getting started tutorial is Exporting & Archiving Logs.

Viewing Dashboards