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User Access Controls

Access Controls allow you to control what access Teams in your account have. Currently there are two forms of restrictions that can be put in place, Feature and Log Restriction.

How to Set User Access Controls

User Access Controls can be set from the Teams section of the Users tab within the Account view. Simply press edit next to the team that you wish to setup Access Controls for.

Feature Restriction

Feature Restriction allows you to restricted User access to features,

If a team is Feature Restricted then all team members will be restricted from performing the following tasks:

  • Inviting or deleting users
  • Creating or modifying teams
  • Removing logs
  • Removing log sets (hosts)
  • Modifying DataHub rules and settings

Log Restriction

Log Restriction allows you to restrict access to Logs in your account.

Once you click the Log Access Control checkbox you will be presented with a list of logs. Simply check the logs you wish to restrict.

Access Control Rules

  • All users and teams have Unrestricted access by default.
  • If a user is in a team with Restricted access AND a team with Unrestricted access, the user will have Unrestricted access.
  • A user with the account’s primary email address cannot be restricted.
  • Users can restrict themselves if they add themselves to a team with Restricted access.

User Access Controls