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Dynamic tags contain custom terms that enable easy searching and filtering for events that matter the most to your business. Using Tags makes it easier to get a quick over view of the state of your log data without having to search for any specific metric.

Create a Tag

To create a tag begin by clicking the Tags & Alerts icon on the main Navigation Bar on the left side of the Web UI.

From here you will enter the Tag & Alerts creation page. To set up a Basic Tag, you will enter a Tag Name, a Pattern, and a Label.

  • Tag Name: Defines the name that will be displayed in the tag list.
  • Pattern: Defines the query used to match the log events that should be tagged.

NOTE: Logical operators like ‘AND’ must be uppercase

Label: This is how the tag will display in your logs. Create a new label by clicking the Create New Label button.

The New Label screen will allow you to enter the name that will be shown with your label as will as pick a color for the label. You can also choose a custom color for your label if desired

The last step is to choose which logs this tag will apply to:

Using a Tag as a Filter

Tags provide a visual cue in your log event to help you identify important events. Additionally, tags can be used as a filter.
When looking at tags in your log data, the tags that have occurred in the current time frame will be listed across the top of the log data. The number next to the tag names represents the number of occurrences of that tag in the given time frame

Clicking on one of the tag names from the top bar will apply a filter so that only log events that meet the pattern for the specified tag are shown.