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Tags and Alerts

This section will cover tags and alerts, tags will allow you to more efficiently identify and understand important log events. Alerts can be easily configured to notify you when important events occur in your environment.

Create a Tag

To create a tag begin by clicking the Tags & Alerts icon on the main Navigation Bar on the left side of the Web UI.

From here you will enter the Tag & Alerts creation page. To set up a Basic Tag, you will enter a Tag Name, a Pattern, and a Label.

  • Tag Name: Defines the name that will be displayed in the tag list.
  • Pattern: Defines the query used to match the log events that should be tagged. Enter the following pattern to tag the log event that is produced when a user clicks the Live Tail button.
clicked AND id=btn_live_tail

Note: You do not have to use the 'where' clause when creating a Tag or Alert

Label: This is how the tag will display in your logs. Create a new label by clicking the Create New Label button.

Name the label “My Test Label” and click Done

The last step is to choose which logs this tag will apply to, select the Usage_trail log.

Create An Alert

Alerts will automatically notify you when important events happen within your system.

  • Match: How many times the event must occur in a given timeframe to trigger an alert
  • Report: Sets a limit for the maximum amount of alert notifications you want to receive in the selected time frame.
  • Send to: Send the alert to any email address or choose another pre-integrated method.

Now click the save button at the bottom of the page and navigate to the Useage_trail log in the UI. When you click the Live Tail button the system will tag the event and send you an email notification in real time

Import Best Practice Tags and Alerts

Not sure which tags and alerts to create in your account? Logentries community packs contain pre-defined technology specific tags and alerts that can be added to your account in seconds.

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Tags and Alerts