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Import Logs Archived to S3

Logentries allows you to import or re-ingest log data you have written to AWS S3, from any time period, from any log whenever it suits.

Only send Logentries the log events you need.

Using the Logentries S3 import function, you do not have to send all logs to Logentries in real time. Any logs that do not require real time analysis can be sent directly to S3 via the Logentries DataHub. To import these logs at some future point, you can select the required archived log entries for the specific dates you desire.

Setting up S3 Archive Import

To import log data from S3 you will need to have S3 Archiving Configured using the Logentries DataHub. Follow this link, S3 Archiving from DataHub, to setup and configure your DataHub for S3 archiving.

Use the import button on the DataHub Connections page.

For each connection you have configured on the DataHub connections page, use the “Import” button to import a DataHub defined S3 archive into your Logentries Account for analysis.

Select the days of archived logs that you want imported to Logentries.

A Calendar will appear to Select a Date Range to import.

Select a Destination

This will create a new log in your Logentries account where data will be imported to.

Confirm your selections

Your S3 Archive will be imported into your Logentries’ account under the specific Host and Log name that was entered in the “Destination” section. Note log data will be tagged during the import process with any tags you have defined for that log. However alerts will not be triggered for imported data.##

Import Logs Archived to S3