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iPhone Notifications

Download the app

Download Logentries Notifications application directly from the Apple App Store. Tap on the App Store badge, scan the code, or search for Logentries in App Store.

Set your Inbox code

The application will ask you for your Inbox code. Find your inbox code in the Account screen. You may also want to fine-tune notification settings in Settings> Notifications> Logentries.

Set up alerts

Create or edit existing alerts to push notifications to your phone. Just select the Notify me on phone action option, Logentries will do the rest. It works immediately.


I’m not receiving notifications?

Make sure that your alert(s) are configured to Notify you on your phone. This is done in Alert Settings in the Logentries UI.

Load the list of notifications in the application and check that the notifications were fired.

Check if you’re receiving notifications from other Alerts on Logentries.

iPhone Notifications