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Navigating Your Account

This section will introduce you to some of the key terminology and navigation techniques that will allow you to easily find important events in your account.

Key Terminology

During the setup process you organised your log events into Log Sets and Logs in the Logentries UI. Now we will cover some of the basics for effectively navigating your account and managing your Log Sets. Beyond the essentials of navigation we will cover three other important topics.

  • Log Sets – Are the top level of the hierarchy, they provide structure and contain one or more Logs. They can represent a wide variety of groupings from Individual hosts to Autoscaling groups.
  • Logs – Contain the log entries which you will be viewing, searching and analysing
  • Log Shortcuts – Provide a mechanism to view an aggregate set of logs with a single click
    Your account will always have the default Log Shortcuts for “All” and “None”, later in this document you will see how to configure custom shortcuts.

Essentials of Navigation

When Logging in you’ll be presented with the top level list of log sets. You can quickly navigate to the list of logs by clicking the icon next to the Log Set in the Log Selector (left pane) or by clicking the Log Set name in the main workspace

You can view the logs events contained within a log event in a few different ways. If you follows the step above to view the list of logs you can click the log name in the main workspace. You can also use the log selector checkboxes to view multiple logs at one time. Clicking the log set checkbox will display the aggregated events of all underlying logs.

If I want to quickly find Log Sets or Logs in the Log Selector I can use the search bar at the bottom. I can filter to a specific Log Set and quickly select all of the logs from that log set.

I could also filter by the Log name, this would allow me for instance to easily view my all of my access logs from my web server. Anytime I want to navigate back to the main list of Log Sets I can click Log Sets above the Log Selector or in the breadcrumb.

Log Shortcuts

A Log Shortcut is a predefined aggregate view of the Logs in your account. This allows the user to access the specified logs in a single click. Using Log Shortcuts will greatly increase the efficiency for users who often view and analyze log data against a similar set of logs.

Create a Log Shortcut

Click the Add new button located above the Log Sets

  • Shortcut Name: Name that will be displayed in the list of log shortcuts.

  • Which logs should be included: The first text field allows you to filter the log sets and logs displayed to ensure easy log shortcut management in large environments. The lower field allows you to select all of the logs that you want included in the log shortcut. Logs included in the log shortcut will always be visible in this space.

For a detailed overview of navigating and managing logs and log sets please see the [detailed documentation found here]. This will cover how to rename and delete log sets

Now that you are comfortable navigate the UI lets look at working your Live Tail and Viewing Logs

Navigating Your Account