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Diamond is a python daemon that collects system metrics. It is capable of collecting cpu, memory, network, i/o, load and disk metrics. Additionally, it features an API for implementing custom collectors for gathering metrics from almost any source.

Create Log

Log in to Logentries and create a new log by clicking the Add New Log button. Now click Manual Configuration button from the list of options. Give your log a name of your choice, select Token TCP and finally click the Register new log button. A token will be displayed in green. Please record it as we will use it later to configure Diamond.

Installing Diamond

To install the Diamond Agent on your system you will first need to make sure you have the correct dependencies installed.

1.First run the following command to install Diamonds dependencies.
sudo apt-get install make pbuilder python-mock python-configobj python-support cdbs

2.Next lets download the Diamond project folder.
git clone https://github.com/python-diamond/Diamond.git

3.Once download navigate to the folder and run the following command to build our debian image.
make builddeb

4.The output of this should be located in the created build/ directory.To install the Diamond Agent we run
sudo dpkg -i build/diamond_VERSION_NUMBER

5.Where the version number is the specific version that was built.We now need to configure the Diamond Agent settings.
sudo cp /etc/diamond/diamond.conf.example /etc/diamond/diamond.confsudo gedit /etc/diamond/diamond.conf

6.Now we need to set our handler to start using the LogentriesHandler
handlers = diamond.handler.logentries_diamond.LogentriesDiamondHandler

7.In the diamond.conf we want to add the following settings where LOGENTRIES_TOKEN is the log token we copied earlier.

8.Now start the service to start logging system stats to your Logentries account.
sudo /etc/init.d/diamond start