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Google Cloud Platform

With the Google Cloud Platform integration from Logentries, you can import logs from the Google Cloud Platform to your Logentries account. This integration works by utilizing the Google Cloud Pub/Sub feature.

To configure Google Cloud Platform for Logentries you must make changes in both your Google Cloud Developer account and your Logentries account.

Configuring Google Cloud

Before connecting Logentires to the Google Cloud Platform, you must prepare your project in your Google Cloud Developer Console.

Enable Google Cloud Logging

To get started, you must enable Google Cloud Logging for your project.

If you use App Engine, logging is enabled by default. Continue down to Enable the Cloud Pub/Sub API.

Cloud Logging for Google Compute Engine

To integrate logs from your Google Compute Engine virtual machine instances into Google Cloud Logging, install the logging agent, google-fluentd, on your instances.

SSH to your instance and enter the following two commands:

$ curl -sSO "https://storage.googleapis.com/signals-agents/logging/google-fluentd-install.sh"
$ sudo bash google-fluentd-install.sh

Enable the Cloud Pub/Sub API

To enable the Cloud Pub/Sub API in your project, from your Google Developer Console:

  • Navigate to the APIs & auth menu on the left side
  • Then choose APIs
  • Under Google Cloud APIs locate Cloud Pub/Sub API
  • Click Enable API

Add the Logentries service account

To grant access to your logs, the Logentries service account must be added to your Google project:

  • From the menu on the left choose Permissions
  • Click Add member
  • Enter the service address below. Grant the service account “Editor” permissions, and click Add. 461304844217-1b4m4752o2k1qsvrgt6u88hlinv2cnc9@developer.gserviceaccount.com

This is a service account- Logentries will not have access to any aspect of your account other than the project

Export to a topic

Your Logs must be sent to a topic to be accessible by the Logentries integration. While setting up the Export you will also create a new topic.

Access the Logs Export page:

From the menu on the left choose Monitoring

  • Then choose Logs
  • From the Logs screen choose the Exports tab from the top
  • Select the service you are using, and check All sources. You are not required to set BigQuery or GCS destinations.

Under Publish to Pub/Sub topic choose Add new topic.

Choose a name for your topic. Make a note of this name as you will need it when configuring Logentries.

After configuring your logs to export to your new topic, your logs will continuously flow to the topic and once configured, to Logentires.

You have now completed the necessary steps to configure your Google Cloud Developer account. Before closing the console make a note of your Project ID.
Next, move on to configuring Logentries

Configuring Logentries

In the Logentries UI, from the Nav Bar on the left, click on the Log icon and select “Add New Log” as shown below.

The Google Cloud Platform configuration page will now be displayed.

Enter your Google Project ID and Topic Name exactly as they are shown in your Google account. Enter the log name you would like the logs from Google to be listed under in your Logentries Account. Finally, choose if you would like for this new log to be listed under a host you already have in your account, or if you would like to create a new host.

Click Create Log.

You have now successfully configured Google Cloud Platform for Logentries.

Google Cloud Platform