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DataHub F.A.Q

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that we’ve encountered as our users have been deploying the DataHub.

Question: Does the DH work without configuring my S3 and Local Storage?
Answer: Yes, the DataHub will work correctly if S3 and Local storage settings have not been set.

Question: As a user how can I validate that local storage is configured correctly.
Answer: Local storage and backup occurs in a real time fashion, so files should be created locally as soon as data is being sent. Verify that the path is correct and non-quoted for Linux but quoted for Windows.

Question: What is the frequency of local backup?
Answer: Local backup occurs in real time.

Question: What is the frequency of S3 backup and as a user how can I validate that I have configured it correctly?
Answer: S3 Archiving will occur if a file is greater then 100mb or if 15 minutes have passed.

Question: How do I uninstall the DH?
Answer: On Windows, the DataHub is available in the Add/Remove Programs wizard from the control panel. In Linux, a simple sudo dpkg -r leproxy will remove the DataHub.

DataHub F.A.Q