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Logentries Dashboards allow you to create visualisations of the results of your LEQL queries to help give you informative metrics based of your log data.

Creating a Dashboard

By default all Accounts begin with a single Dashboard, depending on your account type you may be able to create an additional Dashboard, to do so click on the Dashboard Icon, from here you will be able to create a new Dashboard.

Creating Charts

After creating a Dashboard you can begin to add Charts to it which will show the visualization of your data. The prerequisite for a chart is having a Saved Search which uses a calculation or groupby function.

To create a Chart go to the your Dashboard, from here press the + New Chart Button. You will now have a model appear which will guide you through the steps of creating your chart.

Note that for queries which do not contain a groupby function you can select multiple queries to form a multi line chart by CTRL clicking on the Saved Queries.

Next you will select what logs you Saved Queries will be run against and finally you choose what chart you wish to be rendered with your data.